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Pure fashion

Pure fashion

Sense and sensibility

Sense and sensibility

joi, 11 noiembrie 2010

Trend alert!Spring/Summer 2011 Yellow Color Trend

Bright colors dominate the runway especially with the arrival of the warm season. The Spring/Summer 2011 Yellow color trend encourages us to honor the hot weather as well as more dynamic days with a versatile and youthful look. Choose different yellow outfit pieces and make sure you have the right attitude to show off your refined fashion sense and stay versed with the key color trends for the next season.

The upcoming season crowns the supremacy of bright shades from neon tones to metallic ones. Yellow in its infinite variations is only one of the must have tones that should feature in your warm weather wardrobe.

Take a look at the collections below that furnish you with the hottest yellow colored looks from the runway. Feel free to adopt any of them even if you look for a partially or a top-to-toe yellow tinted outfit idea.

                                                                       Christian Dior


Michael Kors

Derek Lam

Giambattista Valli

So, dare and wear yellow! I will definitely wear this sunny color next year!


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